1.Bouncers vs Dawsons **1/2
2.Latimer vs Storm **1/2
3.NWA TV Title: Starks(c) vs Cross ***
4.Melina vs Steelz *1/2
5.Strictly Business(Aldis,Royce) vs Rock n Roll Express **1/4

The NWA Tag Champs are out for the opener. Pope is representing the Dawsons and Kingston, in a badass AFI shirt, reps ROH's Bouncers. The match itself was a solid hoss tag.

James Storm then pours 100 beers into the Crockett Cup along with Drake and Bruiser and they (almost) all had a bit.

Latimer cut a decent promo before working with Tim Storm.

Match two was short but decent and the outcome was a surprise. The Momma Storm impersonator stuff sadly continued briefly after.

Murdoch complains about his match and wants a rematch. Instead, he gets a challenge from Question Mark.

Mooney takes us the the counter offer from Scurll at Free Enterprise; offering Aldis half a million if he fails to win the ten pounds of gold.

Aldis accepts.

Mooney also announces Circle Squared debuts next week and that he is the host of the new series. Powerrr is taking a one week hiatus to give more time for the series. Powerrr Surge and Super Powerrr content is also announced. I'll give it a try when it comes out.

Koloff plugs his Christian work....

Starks defended the Television strap next against the awesome, Matt Cross. I like the Lucky 7 graphic they put up, further pushing the concept. The match was fun and they used the time limit draw well here.

Dice comes out after to run down Starks.

Belle and Kay had a moment.

Melina in action next, though, respectfully, she should remain a manager. She cut a promo after that didn't fit the match we saw before. She also demanded a title match.

The main event saw Aldis and Royce team up against the Rock n Roll Express. Valentine was in the crowd with Sal. Sadly, despite the names involved, this never hit anywhere close to the level I would've hoped for and the finish was pretty fucked.

Next Tuesday, NWA announces the date and location for this year's Crockett Cup.

Season two of Powerrr made me a fan. The show is powered by strong promos, decent booking choices, a fun crowd, and decent, but usually far from great, action. It's a niche thing but I really did find myself having a good time.

Sadly, this episode just didn't do it for me, though. I liked the TV Title defense the best but everything else in-ring underwhelmed, the production at times was a dip below norm, and the promos weren't even to the same quality.

This one is an easy skip.

Overall Rating: 50/100%