1.Riho vs Shoko ***
2.Havoc vs Kiss **3/4
3.Shida vs Golden **
4.Jurassic Express(Marko,Jungle) vs Dark Order ***1/4

May I just say that I LOVE seeing TJP talents in an AEW ring and I sincerely hope to see more (Miyu!!!) and, hopefully, some DDT talents, too. I'd also love to finally see more OWE talents, too.

While the opener wasn't as smooth as expected for the first half, but got better as they moved along. A good way to start the episode. Shoko in particular came off very well but it was also a nice move giving Riho a win before her defense.

Up second, Kiss shined and Havoc came off as a more complete threat than he has in a while. It was pretty decent stuff and a nice W for the AFI diehard.

Luther segment after setting up something with Jimmy. That could be some bloody fun.

Double or Nothing returns this Summer, though I still feel the name should've been a one-off.

Match three was okay, and clearly meant to give Golden an demo, but it was also easily the weakest thing on the episode. I find myself unsure with how they use Shida, but it is what it is. Anyway, if they want to go anywhere with Golden, she could be a solid developmental but needs many more reps.

The main event was a strong closer. I loved seeing Taz call a tazplex, by the way. The two teams worked hard and put in for a fairly good contest. I can only assume the only reason Luchasaurus doesn't work as a second in these matches is because the AEW brass love showing him run down after matches. Dark Order need more strong showing so this was a smart move.

Who was that Dark Order follower that was smaller than Stunt???

With Cody suggesting that the second AEW show on TNT won't be Dark, I'm curious what they'll do instead. Anyway, this wasn't a must-see episode but was a solid hour of wrestling nonetheless.

Look for me in the crowd tonight.

Overall Rating: 60/100%