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Korn - The Nothing album review
Kođ»n-The Nothing
I used to absolutely love this band. I haven't heard any of their content since The Path of Totality, for what it's worth, but high school me was fascinated with Issues and Untouchables. After the latter, I just felt they went a direction that didn't do as much for me. Sure, there were a few singles here and there that were fun, but not to the level of emotion of those iconic two when they peaked. So, when picking this one up I was unsure if I'd get a return to form or a largely heartless release with only a few sparks. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised to find something great that, while not Issues or Untouchables level, both which I'd give ****1/4 ratings, was the closest I've heard them get since those days. Props. Make sure to give this one a chance!
Rating: ***3/4

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Ultha- Belong EP
This literally screams in pain and is one of the deepest EP releases I've ever heard. It helps that it runs longer than some albums labeled as full length. In many ways, this feels like a love letter to black metal. Hypnotic, beautiful, haunting music to get lost in. Ultha slipped through the cracks for me before this, but consider me interested. This is a very good EP, worth checking out for fans of the genre.
Rating: ***1/2

Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind album review
Slipknot- We Are Not Your Kind
I appreciate the experimentation on Slipknot's latest and there are certainly a few bangers here, too. Sadly, the album as a whole, though, is good but far from a return to form for the heavy metal icons. On the bright side, though there's some filler here, if you're willing to take out songs you like and put them on a playlist away from them, you're looking at some of their best stuff since Vol. 3. I just can't say the full release is worth hearing.
Rating: ***1/4

Opeth- In Cauda Venenum
Opeth's dive into prog has been fascinating to see and they've embraced that move once more on their latest. Any hope of them returning to the older days is a vain one, of course but when they play pure prog this well, it's okay to accept that. Note that I have yet to hear the Swedish version but am eager to do so. Every aspect of In Cauda Venenum seems well thought out and the musicianship on display is simply brilliant. I urge you to not only check this one out but, like all good prog albums, to give it multiple spins and prepare yourself for one of Opeth's best releases ever. Simply put, this is a fantastic album.
Rating: ****

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Thom Yorke- Anima
Radiohead frontman, Thom Yorke, is my favorite singer in the world. His vocal delivery is one of haunting beauty and always earns my attention. His solo work, which has always been heavy with electronics, is once again the focus on Anima, with Yorke providing his trademark style on top of the lush, digital layers. Anima feels like a dream melting away and is sure to be a perfect backdrop for rainy day chores around the house as much as it is something you can just sit and relax to. I've yet to see the Netflix special, but will be doing so soon. In short, Anima sees Thom Yorke doing what he does in a very good package. If that's you kind of thing, it's a no brainer. If not, well you are a heathen worthy of sacrifice.
Rating: ***1/2