AEW Control Center Cedar Park Thoughts

Tony and Decker run us through tonight's show.

Riho defends the AEW Women's Championship against Nyla. My gut says title change and a ***1/2 level match. We saw Nyla's attack on Riho during the PAC/Omega exchange, setting this one up.


I honestly wish Omega/PAC was this week instead of next, though the tag title defense tonight should rock!

Next, we see Mox taking Santana's eye, Jericho's hypocritical promo, and then Santana's Kingston level promo. Their match, subtitled, "eye for an eye" should be fun. Mox wins in another that should hit ***1/2 levels.

The third match they promoted here was Page and Omega defending against the former champs, SCU. Since Penta pinned Page, does that set something up there, too? I'm thinking that one might see the titles switch back and should be, at least, ***3/4. They tease Dark Order involvement.

The episode closed speaking about the ongoing Cody/MJF feud briefly.

Good primer worth seeing for those wanting a catch up before Dynamite tonight.

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