Being the Elite #192 Thoughts

I love the ad for the Killing the Business book that kicked off this week's installment. I'll get a copy, for sure.

Orange and Kris shared a moment, again.

We got a little bit of behind the scenes from last week's episode, as usual. I wish they had known the cost, roughly, of the cage. This section included the crew getting their first looks at the new action figures. These are some of the best looking figures I've seen and I'm pretty excited about the release. My kids are getting a few, for sure.

Nick's magic hits a new level this week! Angel would be envious. Even more impressive, Dark Order has crept into CD's dreams. Even more than that? Matt getting coffee tips from Tony!

I need a trip to the EVP Room, clearly.

Nakazawa suffered for Justin Robert's transgressions because that's his role right now. Kenny suffered through rehab because of PAC ahead of his ironman match this week, because that's his role.

The Toy Fair also got some love, giving a good look at wave two figures, too.

Adding to the ongoing drama within the Elite, BTE closed this week with drunked Page chatting with Omega and getting a bit of tough love.

This was an extra-length episode and a very fun one, too. Check it out!

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