Select Match Reviews: That One German Flick (NJPW)

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Match from New Japan Road to the New Beginning 02/04:
1.Elimination: CHAOS(Okada,Ospreay,R3k) vs Suzuki-gun(Sabre,Taichi,Desperado,Kanemaru) ***3/4

Are my blog entry titles too obscure? Fuck it...

So, we continue to catch up on NJPW, the true kings of professional wrestling. This time, we head to the show from February 4th, as CHAOS and Suzuki-gun factions go to war in elimination tag action.

Seeing as New Japan has essentially perfected the sport, it should be surprise to know that this included loads of tiny little story additions sprinkled throughout for diehards to enjoy, alongside quality action in general. I love the way the company utilizes the elimination rules stipulation, by the way. Also, due to this being set on a road show, there was a casualness here with the workers seeming a bit more relaxed. That's not to say this was phoned it, but to applaud them for the opposite, actually. See, while they did appear more casual, the action still climaxed nicely down the stretch and the entire thing was great, proving that the style New Japan showcases is great even when toned down.

But, considering the names involved and the spot on the card, it would have obviously been disappointing if they had truly phoned it in.

Anyway, check this one out if you missed it and, as always, thanks for reading!

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