Select Match Reviews: Hearts and Empires

Matches from IWRG 02/09:
1.Demonio Infernal, Los Golpeadores vs Emperador Azteca, Fuerza Guerrera Next Gen, Relampago ****
2.Strong Hearts(CIMA,T-Hawk,Lindaman) vs El Imperio(Chicano,Mamba,Tiago) **3/4

I am waiting for +lucha to upload the latest FILL gig, so let's take a look at something a tad newer for now.

Jump ~32 minutes in to start at the same place I did.

Up first, a trios encounter was a wild ride with a strong intensity level mixed in, like most of the best matches from IWRG. I didn't love the layout of the finish, but the rest was fucking awesome and well worth checking out.

The Lucha Blog reports that Canis and Dragon Bane left for another NOAH set after this one.

The main event saw the debut of the Imperio unit in IWRG. There was an immature sexual undertone on display at times and the entire things was lacking the heat I was hoping for, especially after the first pull from the show. It was an okay match, but easily one of the worst from Strong Hearts as a group that I've seen.

Watch the first, skip the second.

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