Matt's barista gimmick continues, and he's even perfected misspelling names! The last time I ordered from Starbucks, they spelled my name, "Rad" on the cup.

Merch Freak & The Barista Go to Space Camp is a better name for this episode!

Kaz has officially rubbed off on his friends, in the way that always happens when you are around people often, and has Sky using his, "DO YA" bit. Jokes aside, I love this shit. Kaz, you need to copyright your shit, clearly.

Cutler and Sammy have a moment. Guevara suggests an "advisor" to help him. Benigo Bodega is a LEGEND! Expect him to win the AEW World Championship very soon. Cutler and Bodega share a love for dungeons

Arthur and Trevor have a moment with Orange Cassidy. Hilarity ensues.

Turmoil between the Bucks and Page hit another stage as Matt tried beer. Yes, Matt tried beer. It looked like shitty Bud or something so I don't blame him for hating it.

Page threw twelve bucks at the Best Friends and then, later, wasn't there for Cody when he needed him.

That's this week's episode.

By the way, I'll be at Dynamite this week.