Select Match Reviews: X's and Oh, Wells (IMPACT)

Matches from IMPACT Wrestling 02/25:
1.Edwards vs Elgin ***1/4
2.X-Division Title: Austin(c) vs Tessa **1/2

We're back for this week's IMPACT to take a look at two pulls.

The first was match four in the best of five series between Edwards and Elgin. So far, everything has been worth seeing though I do wish that the intensity level would have elevated a bit more as it went along. It's been largely well done, but not quite as much as I would love to have seen. This one was taped via Wrestling Revolver show, and came complete with a low fan which Eddie had some fun with. I will say that this was the weakest of the four so far, sadly, but I still have hopes the final contest will finally hit four star territory. Watch it if you've been following the rivalry, but skip it otherwise.

Closing this one, as we head toward Tessa's defense against Austin, the X-Division Champion put up his own belt here. I like Ace, though I'm not really big on this major push he seems to be in the middle of. Tessa rocks in-ring, of course, so at least there's that. The match here was actually decent but I almost always prefer attacks to take place after a clean finish and that was true here, too. The entire thing came off flat as a result, and it ended the match that was starting to get good on a thud.

IMPACT can be pretty damn good at times, and criminally underrated. They can blow easy stuff just as often and, despite my hopes here, both of these failed to hit recommendation levels for me.

Skip 'em.

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