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WRESTLE-1 TV #146 Review

Episode Card:
1.Kono, Pegaso, Hijo Pantera vs Inaba, Seigo, Niki +
2.Seiki vs HAJIME +
3.Ito vs Honda +
4.Koju, Kondo, CYRUS vs Infants Terribles(Ashino, Kodama, Kuma) +
5.HEAT vs Tonsho ++
6.Andy Wu, Doi, Ganseki vs Kaz, Ito, Sayama +
7.Alejandro vs Fujimura ++

Tour Sunrise 01/18 coverage on this one, featuring Cruiser Fes tournament action as an added bonus.

While nothing was bad on this one, though most did feel completely forgettable, there were a few noteworthy takeaways such as HEAT and Alejandro moving on plus a post-match attack after match number three.

You can skip this one if you're not a diehard fan, but it was a solid look nonetheless.