Lucha Time The Beginning 01/17 Review

1.Vertigo vs Mr Warrior **1/4
2.Alex Black, Punk Clown vs Insolito, Kratos **3/4
3.Oro Negro vs Charro Negro vs Epydemius ***1/2
4.Medico Brujo, Muerte Extrema, Sick Boy vs The Mummy, Celta, Redemido ***
5.Hijo del Espectro vs Baby Xtreme ***1/4

I'll always try to give some recognition to a promotion making an effort, and I've been waiting for this to upload since reading about it in a recent Lucha Blog entry. Sadly, a lot of these lucha startups don't go anywhere or fade away randomly out of nowhere, like Lucha de Barrio, but let's stay positive and take a look at this debut episode of Lucha Time!

I'm still hoping for more Dragon Gate MX shows, by the way...

The show starts with The Mummy getting ganged up on by Azreal and his crew before some tecnicos come help him get the upper hand.

First thing I noticed was the setting. They're using a dimly lit warehouse, which is always nice. The second is that the show could use some help in the production department and, if anyone who works on the show sees this and would like some help I'd be more than happy to work with you.

The opener was solid but largely forgettable stuff. Truly, just a standard contest but I enjoyed the crowd seeming to be already at a decent volume.

Following that up, the second match was better but had some production glitching which hurt my overall enjoyment. It continued afterwards for a minute, too. Annoying stuff.

I took a break from the show last night and am picking back up on it tonight. During that break, I discovered an english version of the show which I've added above for those who'd prefer such a thing.

Third on the card we were given a pretty good triple threat. Easily the best thing so far and, in general, a nice spotfest. If nothing else, consider that one. It's always cool to catch random indie lucha stuff, right?

2/3 falls trios action for the semi, featuring someone they're trying to clearly set up as their big tecnico, The Mummy. He even got a cute, little entrance. Azreal cost the tecnicos the match, distracting Mummy and setting up the finish. This was a bit formulaic stuff but largely good.

After, Azreal tapped The Mummy's dick with a bat.

Main event time. I see Espectro on flyers in the Houston area at times yet sadly never saw him while I was living out there. Good chemistry and dynamic in this one. Not everything went as smoothly as you'd like, but is was a fairly good singles match and a nice way to close the episode.

Lucha Time was apparently started as an alternative to +Lucha before deciding to start their own stuff instead. For a debut episode, this was decent and the option to listen to English commentary was a smart call that should help them get a few extra eyes. I gave them a shot and, while I can't guarantee I'll return for more, I give them credit for a solid hour of action here and suggest giving them some love, too.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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