Select Match Reviews: What's in the Box!?

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Match from DDT New Year Dramatic Itabashi Series 01/18:
1.ALL OUT (Takeshita,Iino,Akito) vs DISASTER BOX (HARASHIMA,Ueno,Yoshimura) ***3/4

The DDT roster once again pumped out a great throwaway match with this one. More than that, we also found out after that Iino plans to bring in Chihiro as a tag partner to challenge Nautilus for the KO-D Tag Titles after pinning Yoshimura. An added bonus was a tease that Chihiro may even join ALL OUT if they prove to be a good tandem.

Nothing here to dislike, really. Just a strong, six-man DDT house show match that built nicely and made everyone look good.

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