Select Match Reviews: Gate Keeping the New Year

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Match from Dragon Gate New Year Gate 01/15:
1.Open the Twin Gate Titles, Vacancy Tournament Final: R.E.D.(BxB,KAZMA) vs Team DG(Ben-K,YAMATO) ****1/4

Following 2019, Dragon Gate has splintered into a natural progression building off of their big storylines from last year. The promotion is largely split with roster members being either Team Toryumon, Team Dragon Gate, or with R.E.D. with all three doing battle which promises to consume most of this year's plots.

I'm intrigued and optimistic.

The best I can tell right now, the units look like this:

-Team Dragon Gate: YAMATO, Ben-K, Kzy, KAI, Jason Lee, Strong Machine J, Dragon Dia, Santa Maria, Punch, Okuda, Munoura, Yoshioka, Shiba, U-T, and Mondai Ryu

-Team Toryumon: Ultimo Dragon, Doi, Yoshino, Dragon Kid, Susumu, Horiguchi, Saito, Kanda, Fujii, YASSHI, Kagetora, Arai, K-Ness, Super Shisa, Shachihoko Machine, Ichikawa, Shachihoko Boy

-R.E.D.: Eita, BxB, Big R, Yoshida, KAZMA, Ishida, HYO, Diamante

Now, after BxB joined R.E.D. and the Twin Gate belts were vacated, we were gifted with a mini-tournament and this is the finals. This had a traditional, big multi-man DG match formula in place (in a good way) full of action and drama, and in general provided for a fantastic, chaotic viewing experience that I'm sure any long time fan of the company will love.

In short, this gets a strong recommendation!

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