Select Match Reviews: Merciless Masks

Matches from CMLL Sin Piedad 01/01:
1.CMLL World Tag Titles: Caristico, Mistico(c) vs NGD (Cuatrero, Forastero) ***1/2
2.Apuesta: Dulce Gardenia vs Kawato ***1/4

Jump about an hour and thirty minutes into this one to start with at the same place I did.

CMLL's first special of the year was met with relatively lukewarm reception, perhaps due to the roster taking it a bit easy knowing some of them were heading to Japan soon after. Either way, these two caught my eye and I had crossed fingers they'd at least be worth seeing.

The first was actually pretty good, though neither team seemed to be hitting full gear. It speaks to the talent of these four dudes when they can still put in for a fun outing despite that, I suppose. Besides, everyone loves the cum crusher finisher and a good destroyer party, right? NGD remain one of my favorite groups in all of wrestling but the tandem of Mistico and Caristico deserves some praise.

The main event was interesting. Kawato's CMLL run has been rocky at times, but he's gelled rather well into his role more lately despite the weirdness that still surrounds his excursion. Dulce has risen nicely enough and might eventually be at Maximo levels, which I think is the goal. While this is far from a super memorable wager match, I had a good time and, despite the fact that I can't quite recommend it as a must-see, it was quick and solid. It almost felt more like a lightning match than a main event apuesta but it worked for what it was.

My FantasticaMania pulls should be covered soon. I just got distracted a bit. In the meantime, consider these two but don't rush if you have better things to do and see.

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