Select Match Reviews: Revolutionary Hearts

Matches from IWRG Revolucion 01/19:
1.Puma de Oro vs Lunatik Xtreme vs Relampago ***
2.IWRG Rey del Ring: Demonio Infernal(c) vs Fuerza Guerrera Next Gen ***
3.Strong Hearts (CIMA,T-Hawk,Lindaman) vs Emperador Azteca, Toxin, Super Nova ***1/2

Jump about 25 minutes in to start where I did.

Like the Skywalker match before it, I had to check out the Strong Hearts in IWRG, too. While I was at it, though, two others caught my eye.

Up first, three-way action between three underrated workers. Nice flow and pace in general, with some big spots before Puma de Oro stole a win to close it. Not must-see, but a nice, quick battle that worked well enough.

Second, we got the next chapter in a battle I've seen growing this month in the last two IWRG review posts between Demonio Infernal and FGNG. There was some intensity in the starting section and they decided to get cute with a false finish that led to Infernal successfully retaining. For a next-chapter kind of contest, this worked, but as a standalone it was good yet skippable.

The real attraction came up next, starting around 53 minutes into the video, with the OWE boys taking on three legit IWRG standouts. It burned slow but, by the end, it became an overall pretty good trios match with a nice workrate throughout. Sure, a barn burner spotfest might have been expected and even preferred, but it's hard to argue with the contest we got instead.

Check out the main event if anything, or consider everything if you're just that bored.

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