Select Match Reviews: My Name is Skywalker

Matches from IWRG Revolucion 01/12:
1.Shun Skywalker, Demonio Infernal, Capo del Norte vs Relampago, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Fuerza Guerrara Next Gen ***3/4

Shun Skywalker, known well by fans of Dragon Gate, is on an excursion in Mexico right now and looks to be working Arena Naulcapan heavily during his stay.

That's very good news for me.

So, obviously I'm going to go out of my way to see his debut for IWRG. It even features the underrated Relampago! Quick note, but neither this show nor the one I just posted a review from had that big of a crowd which is a bit sad to see. The attendance varies greatly, though. Just know that if I'm ever in that area, for whatever fucking reason, I'm catching every IWRG show that's ran during the window.

Skywalker was booked rudo here and he leaned nicely into it, showing an edge that I'm hoping he develops further to utilize when he returns to Dragon Gate. Heck, I know most want him to unit up with Ben-K, but I wouldn't mind a mass rearrangement of the layouts and seeing him align with R.E.D. as a key figure in the group.

Here, we got a nice level of intensity throughout with solid levels of violence spreading out into the crowd, like most of my favorite IWRG matches do, and honestly the entire thing just hit the spot. When IWRG is on, they're on and this is another good example of that.

A bonus is you get to see a fan get taken out by a thrown Skywalker before Demonio screws it up for his team once again!

Click play for sure! Just jump about 51 minutes in on the video above for this match.

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