Turns out Matt Jackson's new gimmick is Super Kick Barista. Also, Baker's cheap heater at Tony hit home for him.

As someone who drinks several cups of coffee a day, let me just say that Baker can go eat a can of beans.

Anyway, shitty weird sayings in jest aside, Matt then is called a child and mocked for his booboo face by his brother because we can all be dicks sometimes.

A trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame takes up a small chunk of time from this week's run. Then, Kaz and Sky found a Dark Order mask in CD's bag. So, there's that...

Apparently every time the Bucks see Tony they call out, "Hulk Hogan, you can go to hell", which is what I think every single person should do now going forward as long as he graces us with his presence.

Private Party had a moment, with a reminder that no one shall call PnP their old names ever again.

Closing things out, we see Page's run in from last week with drunk commentary tacked on.

Hey, Matt....drink it black! Also, nice cheap plug with the ad placement.

Good episode once again. Also, I'm back now after a very shitty weekend. I had to drive to East Texas for a funeral, come back and move, and have gotten very little rest in the meantime. Why the fuck is East Texas even a thing?