Matches from AAA Guerra de Titanes:
1.Aramis, Dinastia, Octagoncito vs Mini Psycho, Arez, Parkita Negra ***1/2
2.Hamburguesa, Mascarita Dorada, Iguana vs Demus, Villano III Jr, Latigo ***1/2
3.AAA Tag Titles: Lucha Bros(c) vs Australian Suicide, Rey Horus vs Jinetes del Aire ***3/4
4.Apuesta: Mami vs Maravilla ****

Guerra de Titanes tends to be a fun show and with AAA being so entertaining this year, plus the card looking decent, I was pretty hopeful this would provide some last minute hits before the year came to a close.

Note that I skipped the random TLC match but did catch Sin Cara's run in. He got a cease and desist for Christmas shortly after, for the record. I also caught the Ingobernables angle after the main despite skipping the match itself. Neither contest seemed worth really seeing but the moments I mentioned came off as relatively big deals.

Now, onto the pulls.

Up first, a big minis spotfest trios match with everyone stepping up nicely. If you want a demolition derby style six-man, this is worth seeing. I followed with another spotfest six-man. Really both rocked for what they were and brought loads of excitement. The finish with Mascarita and Demus was another gif worthy moment from the little man!

A cluster title defense from the Lucha Bros kept the energy going nicely with another highlight reel cluster (AAA's specialty). The brothers retained in this one and everyone looked good throughout. All three pulls so far have been don't blink style and I love AAA for that. This one in particular was well worth checking out and the best of the bunch so far.

Our last pull was pretty damn emotion heavy. They've slowly built this one all year and the story work alone made this recommendation worthy, but the action also honestly was better than expected. The smoke and mirrors didn't take away anything, either. In all, I'd call this fantastic and note that I actually appear to be rating it lower than several others so take that into consideration when deciding if you should check it out.

Guerra de Titanes has a trend of being AAA's best show of the year and it provided some true fun this time around. Three high octane multimans and a highly recommended apuesta as well as some major moments in general ends the year on AAA and I just hope you're watching as 2020 looks very promising for the kings of lucha insanity!