Every year, my facebook group runs a few award polls and, well, this year is no different. So, here are the results of the 2019 PWD Year-End Awards! Note that I'll be publishing my own official awards for the blog in the coming days, too.

#1 Match of the Year: Dustin vs Cody (AEW Double or Nothing)
Spoiler alert, but this is also my MOTY. The raw emotion alone made this one of the most memorable matches of the year, but the work added to it made this one of my (and the voter's) favorites of all time. If you missed this one, fix that NOW!
Honorable Mention: Ospreay vs SHINGO (New Japan BOSJ Finals)

#2 Male Wrestler of the Year: Kento Miyahara
I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the Triple Crown Champion had won this one. His title defenses are becoming the stuff of legend and his lesser matches can be gems in their own right. This kid is positioned strongly as the ace of All Japan with no real end in sight and I have no doubt he'll continue to be their star attraction for many years to come.
Honorable Mention: Will Ospreay

#3 Female Wrestler of the Year: Arisa Hoshiki
I only voted in these polls in the case of ties to break them up, and this was actually the only one I needed to do that for. STARDOM pushed Arisa hard this year, giving her a major win over Momo for their Wonder strap and she's proven along the way that this was the right move. Her first reign ever as a champion has already shown that she is already elite and everyone should keep an eye out because she's only going to get better from here!
Honorable Mention: Tessa Blanchard 

#4 Best Team/Unit of the Year: Lucha Bros
Lucha Underground made these guys the most popular lucha talents since Mysterio and their own work in basically every major and minor promotion since has kept them at the top of the heap. Pentagon is arguably the most charismatic brawler in the game and Fenix the most innovative flyer and together, they're truly the best of the best.
Honorable Mention: Violent Giants

#5 Best Promotion/Brand of the Year: AEW
The "shiny new toy" has proven much more than that shallow tagline that naysayers throw around. The sheer amount of maturity and vision on display alone has made them a true breathe of fresh air and what few issues they have are truly minor in comparison to their strengths. They did what TNA/Impact, ROH, and every other fed has tried since WCW to do in less than a year and for that, I applaud them.
Honorable Mention(s): NJPW/NOAH tied 

#6 Best Wrestling Program of the Year: AEW Dynamite
Dynamite was strategically positioned on the calendar and caused WWE to make a major move, taking NXT to live TV to counter them. They've won the key demo every week since except for one and beat them in the ratings most weeks, too. They've also beat Smackdown, for the record. They are applauded each week by diehard fans and have been embraced in a way that I think even surprised key people at the top. Sure, it's not perfect, but they've created a variety show that most critics agree is already a success and I have no doubt it's only going to get better.
Honorable Mention: WWE NXT