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Match from NWA Into the Fire:
1.NWA Title, 2/3 Falls: Aldis(c) vs Storm ***

NWA is in the middle of a resurrection of sorts. Sure, there has been some growing pains, but I give them some credit for their attempts so far. I still think it's laughable they hired the dinosaur at all and acted surprised when it blew up, but whatever. So, last night, they ran their latest special event and Aldis put the ten pounds on the line against TNA legend, James Storm.

Real quick, in regards to Powerrr. First of all, I still hate writing out that name. What the fuck is with that awful fucking name? Second of all, I still dig the style of the show and the general tone is decent. It's still very flawed and the matches weren't good enough frequently enough for me to become a regular followed, and the plots were iffy. That said, I see why people like it. Again, I give them credit for the progress thus far. I also like how the special events have a contemporary tone while being different enough that it feels important in contrast to the show, with this match not feeling like a throwaway TV defense.

I also still agree that Aldis is the best regular roster member they have in regards of who should be holding that belt.

Whatever happened to Dojo Pro, by the way?


The first fall was quick due to Aldis being a cocky dick and turning his back on the Cowboy.

The second was a crowd pleasing walk and brawl. Storm's frustrations led to him almost giving up the fall to a DQ before he gave it up via a flash pin. Smart layout so far.

The match and general build up was put on pause so that they could flip a coin to determine which ref would handle the duties of third fall. I didn't care much for that as it broke things up and just came off as a rest stop.

Once they got back going, the backcracker spot came off a bit awkwardly. They got back on track quickly, at least. A ref bump and exposed turnbuckle shot led to the finish that saw Tim Storm call for the bell when the challenger couldn't respond to his calls. It protects James and sets up a rematch, while also continuing the pushing of Aldis as their top heel. That said, I think they should have went for a drama heavy third fall with a bit of color and instead this came off as the main event of a B-show event despite being promoted as a blowoff event and a way to want fans to keep watching when Powerrr (seriously, that fucking name sucks) returns.

The old school nature of NWA shined here, though I'd it didn't get anywhere close to the same level of Aldis/Scurll from back in April nor the Cody matches. Despite that, this was still a good contest that solidified the concept of the modern NWA product. If you want to see what looks like, add this to your list but do so knowing it is actually below the threshold of what I actually consider recommendation worthy.

The entire thing was overshadowed a bit by the after-match appearance of the Villain, Marty Scurll, who came out to make it clear that he still has his sights on Aldis and his belt. That moment has caused enough buzz for this show that it was more than worth it. With it seeming like he was finishing up with ROH after Final Battle, and with this appearance, I'm left to assume he is going to be making cameos in various promotions for now until he signs a larger deal. Perhaps Dynamite is next? Maybe he can sign and still work NWA? All I know is this felt big and just helped NWA Into the Fire become a much more memorable show to many fans and for that, I applaud them.