Select Match Reviews: Yokohama Ice

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Match from Ice Ribbon #1008: Yokohama Ribbon:
1.ICExInfinity Title: Maya Yukihi(c) vs Suzu Suzuki ***

The champ never really felt threatened here and there wasn't much in the way of drama. Instead, this came off as a largely dominant filler defense for Maya. There was a bit of nice back and forth, but Suzu just didn't come off believable enough as a true challenger. She did sell well enough, though Maya was pretty intense a few times so it'd be hard not to sell something like getting your face lit up by a set of flying knees. I landed on a solid, three star rating for this one but mileage may vary. Either way, no need to rush and see it unless you're really craving a joshi match right now and already depleted your watch list of better content.