Select Match Reviews: Doh! Bois

Match from DDT D-Ou Grand Prix in Itabashi:
1.Endo vs Ueno ***1/2

Last week, DDT uploaded an entire evening of Grand Prix action but removed it shortly after (for some reason). I didn't get to watch it in time, but this one did catch my eye. Sadly, I had an issue with my bank being hacked shortly after signing up for their streaming service a few months back and I am fearful of it happening again so I'm mainly relying on their YT uploads for content right now.

Endo has seemed much more confident since his recent title reign. Despite dropping the belt, the DAMNATION unit member arguably has more bravado now than he did even as champ. I'm actually hopeful that he has another chance in 2020 and the way the standings are looking right now, he's likely for one rather early. Alas, that might be a bad thing as I don't think HARASHIMA will be dropping so soon, though. Oh well.

Ueno played his babyface role here nicely enough in this one. DISASTER BOX members tend to get less of my attention but obviously that needs to change, especially considering one is the current champ. DDT just has so many great talents and a truly underrated roster that gets ignored by far too many who assume the promotion is just "weird Japanese comedy shit".

This one was pretty good, by the way. I'd have preferred a better finish, but as this was a tournament contest and it worked for Ueno's place on the cards, it was logical if nothing else. Consider it.