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Match from EVOLVE 134
1.EVOLVE Tag Titles: Fox, Ruff(c) vs Riddle, Stallion ***1/4
Match from EVOLVE 135
2.WALTER vs JD Drake ***1/2
Match from EVOLVE 139
3.EVOLVE Title: Theory(c) vs Briggs **3/4

I just bulked up my DGUSA DVD collection with their big special, so while I wait for those to come in let's take a look at recent EVOLVE stuff. They made it easier by actually uploading most of what I wanted to see for free, and the links to the matches I am reviewing are linked above.

It was nice seeing Riddle back in the first pull. The dude was one of the best parts of the company during his run. The jackhammer was a clever addition, especially considering the crowd they drew. Fox was good as usual and the other two played their roles well. While a touch below expectations, this was still fairly enjoyable.

If you like big boys beating the shit out of each other the second pull is for you. It didn't feel as epic as I had hoped, mind you, but I still thought it was very good and borderline great. JD is one of the best things about EVOLVE right now. I just wish Darby's words recently didn't scream in my head watching this.

The last match of the roundup was a true end of an era. Theory has been a major part of EVOLVE for a while now and had been the EVOLVE Champ for nearly a year. Briggs was the big up-in-comer that was being positioned as the next major face yet he had lost the last two attempts at the belt so it actually was possible Gabe was going to just have Austin vacate after officially leaving for NXT. It would have been questionable, but it seemed slightly possible. Alas, they went a better route and instead finally gave the big man the nod. The attack before was cheap and, while I get what they were going for, I still am not a huge fan of those tropes. It created a dynamic that didn't do much for me either and just felt a bit overdone. I'm sure most will enjoy it more than I did, though.

Yes, EVOLVE is basically a feeder league for NXT these days. The same is true for other WWE "partners" like PROGRESS. A lot of that old luster is gone, but they do still have some redeemable qualities, a solid roster, and worthwhile matches so at least consider checking one of these out if you want. I mean, they're free and the links are right there, after all...

The WALTER/Drake match should be priority of the batch...