AAA Worldwide: Toluca Part 1 Review

1.Poder del Norte vs Hamburguesa, Octagon Jr, Mr. Iguana ***
2.AAA Mini's Title: Dinastia(c) vs Laredo Boy vs Mini Psycho vs Demus vs Drago Kid ***1/2
3.OGT's, Escorpion vs Pentagon, Pagano, Psycho Clown **1/2

I have the flu right now and watching the latest AAA episode seemed like a fun idea. The opener was a fun little filler contest, and Golden Magic looks like he's going to do well in his new role as Octagon Jr.

We get a brief look at Pentagon issuing an open challenge for him and his brother's Tag Titles.

Next, we get the Mini division title on the line, which is pretty cool especially considering the people involved. Lots of "new" faces on this episode (repacked ones to be more accurate). This was an exciting, all-action cluster of alternating spots and truly, just a load of fun.

Next up, we got a bit of a formulaic trios main event. Pagano's early botch (there's usually at least one a match with him) surely made botchamania. He has these ideas in his head yet lacks the athletic ability to do them most of the time and he just came off so iffy. Pentagon and Psycho were the stars, as expected. The contest was okay, but not really worth seeking out. Los Mercanarios and the OGT's beat down the tecnicos after to set up a future title match against the Lucha Bros.

AAA Worldwide is one of the easiest to consume wrestling shows out there and this one was an entertaining hour to kill while I try not to throw myself out a window. The opener was good, the semi was very good, and the main was at least easy to get through.

If it's been a while since you've watched, you wanna see how the roster has changed lately, or just want a decent way to spend an hour, give this one a click.

Overall Rating: 70/100%