This Week in AEW (Nov Week 4)

So, I am sick right now with the flu and with the holidays catching up was a bit of a bitch, too. As a result, this week we're doing select match review style for Dark.

Being the Elite 181 Thoughts
Nakazawa tries to get Kenny to play a game. Of course, they boot up a retro Chip n' Dale game. He then gets him worked up and makes him realize that defending the AAA Mega Championship is a good idea of what to do next. We've seen that teased previously with a match versus Evans actually happening on this week's Dark, but this was more fleshed out.

Nick and Cutler hang out minus Matt. Kaz is still a nerd. Nick replaces CD for Matt and harasses him about the shirt. Merchfreak Nick gets his magic on. Havoc gets the finger treatment. Roberts and Nick have a fun moment in what's part of my favorite new ongoing segments of BTE.

A recreation of an iconic Titanic scene will make you cry. Private Party then hyped Page up and shit gets lit.

Inner Circle fuck shit up and then kidnap Leva. Being the Inner Circle anyone?

In short, another episode of BTE full of crazy, fun shit.

Select Match Reviews: Mega/Omega

Matches from AEW Dark 11/26:
1.Trent vs Pentagon ***1/2
2.AAA Mega Title: Omega(c) vs Evans ***1/2
The first pull was actually a very good filler match with a surprise winner. I kind of wish they'd bring the canon of Penta's arm breaker actually breaking the arm into AEW like they did in Lucha Underground. They over delivered either way, though I find myself wondering if the reason Penta and Fenix aren't being booked super strong is due to them not being exclusive.

The other pull was the main event. I love that Omega won the AAA Mega Championship as much as I love it being defended in AEW. Kenny, on BTE, treating the belt as a bit of an afterthought was a tad jarring, though. Still, this was pretty enjoyable, too and I like Evans getting to go even with Kenny for such large periods. Oh, and that V-Trigger near the end was sick!

If these two did anything, it's display the level of parity on the AEW product. That's a good thing.

Consider watching them if you have the chance.

AEW Dynamite 11/27 Review
1.Lucha Bros vs Best Friends ***1/4
2.Stratlander, Shida vs Bea, Emi ***
3.Cody vs Knicks NR
4.Omega vs PAC ***1/2
5.Dynamite Dozen Finals: MJF vs Page *3/4
6.AEW World Title: Jericho(c) vs Scorpio Sky ***
AEW is a variety show. Not everything is my cup of tea, as a result. The show opened with a 20 minute segment, a first for AEW, that was okay but not really my thing. I'm sure most people liked it, though.

The show rebounded well with the first match; a fun encounter between the two duos. I love Penta's mask here, by the way. Trent getting the win feels like another big victory for him, too. Nice start to the wrestling part of the show.

I hope AEW has indeed gotten Kris to sign. She's fantastic with a huge upside and it'd be a big steal from WWE. Similar to the Darby situation. The women's tag itself built nicely and was fun, too.

Nothing truly must-see so far, but a solid start to the show.

Mox's backstage promo was great.

Cody's rebound squash was fine. I seem to be a rare fan of the debut of Blade, Butcher, and repackaged Allie (as Bunny) as I saw a lot of hate toward it. The crowd reaction was similar to that of the Dark Order, though I can at least forgive fans for not knowing these guys. I mean, the Super Smash Bros got a, "who are you" chant? I'm still annoyed by that. Anyway, Everytime I Die is an underrated band. I am curious about another attack by "unknowns" after the last one involving MJF, but I'll wait it out either way. AEW has earned that much.

PAC/Omega was borderline great and even though I didn't love the finish, it came off big. Omega's redemption arc picks back up.

The worst match of the night was the Diamond Ring match, sadly. The promo before was good, but the contest just never hit the level I hoped it would. MJF still came off like a great heel, once again, at least. Page continues to fail when it matters. The interference and overall finish sucked.

Is the ring the new midcard title of sorts or a one-off?

Always nice to see DDP, at least. That segment and the follow up with Inner Circle, Dustin, and Bucks was okay. I dig the Dark Order shit.

The main had the expected outcome and quality. It was cool seeing Sky get the chance. Kind of attitude era style contest as was the post-match, show closing angle.

AEW is far more hit than miss and even this cool down period is providing enough good content to keep me watching. Check out anything rated 3.5+ if you missed them.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

Rankings + Thoughts
The Jericho/Mox match is apparently going to be a slow burn. That's interesting. Past that, Cody being ranked at all was explained on Dynamite. Omega is climbing the rankings now that he's rebounding and just got wins over Evans and PAC. Everything here is logical and I dig it.

The women's division is starting to gel better. I am excited about a potential Shida/Riho match, though will they let Kris fall again next week?

Tag Team
1.Proud n Powerful
2.Young Bucks
3.Best Friends
4.Lucha Bros
5.Private Party
The stacked tag division continues to be a high point of the company. Will Inner Circle mates, PnP win gold while Jericho is still le Champion? That'd be interesting, at least.