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Matches from...
Destruction in Beppu
1.RevPro British Heavyweight Title: Tanahashi(c) vs Sabre ***3/4

Destruction in Kagoshima
2.IWGP Jr Tag Titles: Bullet Club(c) vs Birds of Prey ****1/4
3.KENTA vs Kota ***3/4

Destruction in Kobe
4.SHINGO vs Goto ****
5.IWGP IC Title: Naito(c) vs White ***3/4

Time to catch up on the true kings of pro wrestling, starting with the Destruction tour pulls. With luck, I'll be up to date by the end of the week.

The Beppu selection was another worthwhile watch between these two. New Japan might go to the well a lot, seemingly rarely giving us truly original matches, but at least the repeat encounters tend to be enjoyable. This was their 8th singles match by my count, for context.

All hail Sabre-ism.

Over in Kagoshima, we start with junior division tag action. I haven't been able to update the recommendation posts much lately, but Ospreay remains #1 on the best workers of the year list and his Birds of Prey team work is doing well to ride out the year for him. Both of these teams are elite level, even though they're both relatively new pairings, and I love that it's a generally new contest from the promotion. They delivered a thrill ride, high octane builder that hit near-MOTYC levels that I strongly recommend.

To follow that up, KENTA was a glorious dick against one of the most over workers in the world and the drama was at a high despite the outcome not truly being a question. I could've done without the run-in circus stuff, but this was still a great outing.

To close this roundup, we have two from Kobe.

SHINGO is a true ace talent and Goto can be awesome in the right situations. This was one of those situations. Note that this encounter is exactly what I hoped for and expected and is exactly the type of match I love to watch. I disagree with Goto getting the nod, but this was a fantastic hard-hitter!

Naito and White cap us off here. It too featured a bit of circus act bs, but I still enjoyed the hell out of it, too. White as IC Champ is pretty sweet. Great main event.

I live off of coffee, but that has now worn off and sleep calls my name. More soon, but watch all of these if you missed them and thank god for New Japan.