Matches from CMLL Aniversario 86
1.Apuesta: Microman vs Chamuel ***3/4
2.Mexico Trios Titles: NGD(c) vs Sky Team, Caristico ***3/4
3.Apuesta, Cage: Negro Casas vs Ultimo Guerrero vs Cavernario vs Volador vs Ciber vs Gilbert vs Big Daddy ***

So, CMLL's biggest show of the year was last friday. They had issues that meant it didn't air as promoted and instead was just added to their YouTube channel later. Fite now has the show, too. You have to chose to watch it for free on YT or spend $10 on Fite. Don't hurt yourself picking which is a better option.

Ring of Honor ran Death Before Dishonor the same night with Rush winning the World Championship from Taven. Dragon Lee was also on the card. Taven looks like he's leaving the company so the next defense should be versus Cobb on the UK tour. Know that Dragon Lee was going to be on the CMLL show but was punished for working PWG BOLA and instead was a surprise addition. Add in some recent financial changes to CMLL talents and this all lead to the company loosing both of the brothers and making the announcement on the same day. That's right, the same day they ran their biggest show of the year (with another weak card) and the same day Rush officially became the face of partner promotion ROH (for now), CMLL announced that two of their biggest names were gone. That's a fucked up PR move, guys. You can read more about this batshit stuff here. Just know that the wrestling world is laughing at CMLL and they have every reason to be doing exactly that right now...

Bestia also left, leaving only Mistico as the sole Munoz family member still with CMLL.

Anyway, let's stop with that and just talk about the three pulls.

First up, we have a micro division mask match which starts here. I loved this, with both guys working hard and Microman once again looking like a true star. This came off like a big deal, which all mask matches should. Props to both and I suggest checking it out to see what micros can do when given the chance.

Up next, six-man action! NGD remain one of my favorite groups in wrestling and they went all out here to retain their belts in a great trios contest. If your idea of lucha libre is multiman spotfests, you'll likely like this one, too.

The main event was the dreaded cage match apuesta. Lucha cage matches tend to be awful, for the record. The rules here were that the workers needed to escape the cage and the last two would compete in a standard fall style match. Whomever ate the L in that section would be shaved. It went down to just two very quickly, with Negro Casas and Ultimo facing off. This rapid pace meant that UG and Negro would need to step up huge to make this worth seeing and, honestly, they did pretty damn well to do just that. I shouldn't be too surprised, since they are both awesome. While I can't say this was must-see it did exceed expectation at least.

Look, I enjoyed these matches and I'm still a big fan of CMLL. That said, when a company fucks up this bad you call them out. You don't act like a fanboy and make excuses. Consider watching what you want from this show, but understand that they decided to overshadow the biggest show of their calendar year not only with a weak card but also by announcing they were not longer home to three of their biggest names.