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0a.Women's Casino Battle Royale **3/4
0b.Private Party vs Gueros del Cielo ***1/4
1.SCU vs Jurassic Express ***1/2
2.Omega vs PAC ***3/4
3.Cracker Barrel Clash: Janela vs Havoc vs Darby ***1/2
4.Dark Order vs Best Friends ***
5.Riho vs Shida ***1/2
6.Cody vs Spears ****
7.AAA Tag Titles, Escalera de la Muerte: Lucha Bros(c) vs Young Bucks ****1/2
8.AEW World Title: Jericho vs Hangman ***1/2

The pre-show was fun stuff and the best one from AEW since their Double or Nothing gig.

The women's version of their royal rumble match was decent but a bit rocky around the edges at times. It's worth noting that I do take issue with the choice of winner. Now, it's not for the same reason some of the assholes on Twitter but because I just don't think Nyla was the right choice here. She came off a bit green at times still and I just think Baker was the better option. On the other hand, it pissed off a lot of transphobic losers so that's a good thing. I hope a lot of these women return, for the record. Mercedes and Ivelisse in particular should be major names for the division.

The pre-show ended with a fairly good one between Angelico and Evans and Private Party. Good energy here, the right team won, and Gueros del Cielo established themselves firmly as heels going forward.

All issues I have with the pre-show are largely minor but it is worth noting that the production values during them continue to be rather iffy.

The show proper began with a very good trios contest. Tommy Pickles and the prehistoric boys are going to be big merch movers for the company. SCU continue to work well with everyone. I love how AEW focuses on tag and multiman matches.

I was surprised to see Omega/PAC so low on the card. No worries, though. The contest was great and the ending was awesome. The crowd was stunned and it sets up the Omega redemption story for the next chapter. I wonder if they'll go full Cleaner with him? Either way, this was very enjoyable and a am very excited to see where they go with Omega from here.

The plunder match was a very good showcase for these three nutjobs. Havoc winning makes sense but was a bit of a surprise for me. Still, it was smart to book them in something like this and I'd like more hardcore stuff sprinkled in going forward.

The tag follow up was good but rather skippable. Really, just nothing special and you might be better off watching highlights. Both teams are good and the artists formerly known as Super Smash Bros are one of the best groups in AEW but the later are having a terrible time winning over this crowd. Audience response means nothing in regards to my ratings but it's worth noting regardless. Sadly, I dig the characters they're playing but just think this match in particular wasn't as good as it should have been. At least the Gentleman's Club reunion at the end was cool.

Joshi time with Shida and Riho proved to be very good entertainment. I'm hopeful for Riho to be the first AEW Women's Champ especially when she and Omega work the DDT gig soon. Anyway, this was simple, used the time well, and was fun. No complaints.

We head to the final three.

Note that I LOVE Star Trek, so I consider Cody's entrance to be amazing despite being rather basic. The match itself was fantastic, big show main event attitude era style stuff. I think Spears should have went over but have faith in the plan for now to see how this pans out. Cody has a specific style he works best at and AEW looks to be the best place for him. I mean, he knows what he works best in and can book it that way. The circus act stuff that I expected didn't take much away either and Arn's run-in was actually pretty cool.

The match of the night was easily the AAA Tag Title ladder clash and a MOTYC. Both teams destroyed each other and put on one of the best ladder matches of all time with the right team winning. Now, keep the two away from each other for a little bit. With LAX debuting (with a new name hopefully being announced on BTE), it's likely that they'll be Jericho's partners for the TNT debut. They also set up a revival of the LAX/Lucha Bros feud that Impact ran earlier in the year. I expect a three-way ladder match at the next big show, for the record. I love that the reveal of LAX also came off well and strongly suggest watching this one.

The main went as well as expected. Page came off as a resilient babyface, Jericho worked hard, and the entire thing felt like a big moment like it should. I thought the contest was very good and the right person won. Jericho is the smartest choice for the situation.

It is worth calling the potato out for a moment. That potato that I speak of is better known to some of you as Baron Corbin. He left a smarky comment joking about how AEW is putting the belt on an older talent yet fans bitch about it when WWE does.

Here's the reason that's bs, though.

Jericho is still one hell of a worker and many consider him to be one of the best ever. Having him as the first champ heading into their TNT debut is very smart and should only help them. Now, having someone like Goldberg, on the other hand, who was never very good in the first place, come in and dethrone a rising star at a B-show (KO at Fastlane) is laughable. Constantly failing at getting the most talented roster in the history of WWE over and instead relying on bringing back guys that don't even work anymore for cheap segments is laughable, too.

That's called a false equivalence, ladies, gents, and non-binaries.

So, All Out succeeded and was a truly great show. At this point, AEW has a clear identity and anyone who's been watching should know if they are all in for the ride. I, personally, can say that I am eager to see more and consider the brand to already be one of my favorites. If you missed All Out, go ahead and watch it when you get a chance.

Overall Rating:  80/100%