This was an action packed episode, covering two nights worth of events (the 26th and 27th Flashing Summer Tour shows).

The biggest takeaways from the first night included Hijo del Pantera winning a good looking four-way by pinning the Cruiserweight Champion in a match that also included Seiki and Kodama, Enfants Terribles picking up a good win over Pegaso and Tonsho, and a trio of Inaba, Soya, and Kondo beating Alejandro, Kaz, and Kono.

Night two saw Seiki take out Honda Ryuki, Saiki get another strong singles win, the Enfants get another win, Andy Wu get back a win in triple threat action by pinning Kaz (Pantera was the third man), and Alejando, Inaba, and Kono beat Tanaka, Ryuki, and Shuji to close things.

Nothing here was truly major, but for house show stuff getting us ready for the show on 9/1 (tomorrow by the time this posts to the blog) it was well worth the time.

I watch this show every week and enjoy it every time. I do wish that they'd show at least one full contest on each episode but really I find myself looking to these either way and I just go back and watch the best looking ones when they become available.

Note that reviews for AEW, NJPW, NXT UK, etc might take a day or so. Tonight is the first game of the season for USC and I was out with the family today during the day. Depending on how well I sleep tonight will decide how fast I catch up.