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1.NXT Tag Titles: Street Profits(c) vs Undisputed Era ***3/4
2.LeRae vs Io ****
3.North American Title: VDream(c) vs Strong vs Dunne ***3/4
4.NXT Women's Title: Shayna(c) vs Mia **3/4
5.NXT Title, 2/3 Falls: Cole(c) vs Gargano ****1/2

NXT is a simple concept these days. Take anyone from the indies and rival feds that you can, put them on a show, and add in a small group of people who are "home built". It's hard to fuck that up and that's why TakeOver shows tend to be amazing. The weekly show not so much, because it's still WWE, but the specials are some of the best things going on the the game and thus the bar is set pretty high as a result.

The opener this time around was great and it was nice seeing the Street Profits as over as they were here. I didn't expect much from them and assumed UE would win here, but I don't mind being wrong on both accounts. I was wrong about the Street Profits in general, too. They aren't an elite team, but they've been proving to me lately that they're far better than I gave them credit for originally. I still am hoping to see Undisputed Era holding all of the belts sooner than later.

Number two was fantastic and it was nice seeing Candice finally getting a chance to actually work in NXT instead of always just being emotional support for Gargano when he fails. Io is one of the legit best workers of any gender in the game and I hope she takes the belt soon.

Up next, Velveteen Dream put up another great defense. Dunne is apparently moving to the states full time, leaving NXT UK for NXT. That's a tad disappointing, for a few reasons, but also exciting simply due to how good of a worker Pete is. Note that I wanted Strong to win here. This could have been better but I still recommend checking it out.

The only skippable match on the card was the semi. Shayna is hit or miss in her defenses and this was easily a miss. Mia came off looking bad as did the champ and I hope we can get Shayna called up soon so that the division can stop being dragged down.

We finish with the latest addition to the Gargano/Cole story, in what was basically a three stages of hell match. I've seen the complaints, some of which I can agree with, but I consider this another MOTYC between the two. Hell, add a slightly better finish and this might have even ranked higher than it did. I'll just say that all fans should check it out and decide for themselves if it's amazing or mind blowing, because even the critics are still saying it rocked.

Add in the Riddle brawl and Theory making an appearance and you have a great show. TakeOver was well worth seeing once again so if you missed it, boot up Hulu and check it out.

Overall Rating: 85/100%