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Match from WWE Summerslam
1.The Fiend vs Finn Balor **1/2

The buzz around Bray's new entrance got my attention. Someone posted the video on YouTube and it actually included the match so I figured I'd give it a look. I personally like Bray so I was hopeful.

The entrance was amazing, first of all, and one of my new favorites. I don't even usually care much about those, but this was legitimately fucking awesome.

The match wasn't much, but served a decent purpose. I do like the new neck snap move but it felt lessened not being a finish and having Finn get a tiny spark after. Still, I know WWE is more likely to screw this up than anything else but, if nothing else, at least for one brief moment Bray looked like the star he truly should be.

NOTE: WWE has already bowed to pressure and reportedly edited out the new lantern in replays. I'm seeing a lot of outrage, including one dipshit bible thumper calling it satanic. No one tell her about Black's religious views...