Select Match Reviews: The Lost Boys

Matches from DDT Road to Peter Pan 06/30
1.KO-D Tag Titles: DAMNATION(c) vs DISASTER BOX ***
2.Takeshita vs Brookes vs Sanshiro ***1/2

This one caught my eye as both of these matches looked really good on paper.

Maybe it's just me since today is kind of shitty, but the tag match felt off and failed at hooking me in very well. It was good, but I just didn't find myself enjoying it the way I thought I would and it felt like it needed about five minutes knocked off.

The main event was a different story. Poor, old man Takagi failing to get a handshake was a funny start. They largely pretended he wasn't there for a few minutes and it was wildly entertaining stuff.

After he got a wet-willy, I'm sure he wish he had stayed in the background.

Yea, there was a lot of comedy here but it had enough going for it to give it a "real match" rating. The Brookes/Takeshita moments in particular were enjoyable and I'd love a one on one soon. The hardcore stuff was fun, too. Really, this was a very good three-way with a layout you'll only see in DDT and was much better than it had any right to be considering the antics involved. Check that one out as we head toward Peter Pan, especially if you need to smile right now.

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