Select Match Reviews: Over the Top

OTT WrestleRama 3 (June 23, 2019)
Matches from OTT WrestleRama III
1.Bandido vs Rey Horus ***1/2
2.WALTER vs Starr ****1/4

Since they started, OTT has a tendency to pump out at a handful of high quality matches each year. They've landed on my recommendations list four times so far with one legit MOTYC. Here's two pulls from their latest big show. Let's dig it.

The first match was a fun lucha match with a hot end stretch. Very good stuff and a pretty nice intro-to-lucha style contest.

The main event, which is the latest in the ongoing war between Starr and WALTER, was truly fantastic. I'm unsure if Starr will ever get the nod over the big man, especially with the WWE situation involved now, but if/when he does it'll be one of the biggest stories in wrestling. The over the top shenanigans added to the story but hurt the quality of the match itself a tad, but it's still one of the best matches of the year and a must-see encounter. The spot with the UK belt alone makes this newsworthy.

Check both of these out.

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