New President of CMLL

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For those who missed the news, Paco Alonso, the owner of CMLL, passed away last week. Now, he was largely a private man who's reputation is stuff of literal legend in lucha circles. I hope his family is doing as well as they can in this trying time. Rumors of who was replacing him spread quickly, but the most likely was always going to be his daughter, Sofia. She has basically been the public face of the promotion for a while now anyway, so it made sense.

For crude context, think of Vince and Steph in WWE and you have an idea. Now imagine if Vince DIDN"T love the spotlight and Steph was a lot less involved on screen and you're even closer.

Sure enough, Sofia has been named the new head of the company though it's worth noting there are some rumors that she might be the public face of CMLL while others are holding (at least some of) the reigns behind the scenes. I actually doubt that, but it was worth noting.

I know it sucks to get a job this way, but I wish her nothing but success. This news is pretty old at this point to those who follow lucha libre closely, but I've been torn on how to post about it. Perhaps it's due to my history with death, but I don't know. It just felt wrong not to at least post something.

Congrats again, Sofia.

We're all rooting for you!

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