Women's Hockey Protest

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The NWHL has been one of my favorite leagues to watch, with the Riveters being my favorite team, but it looks like the future is in question as a large group of 200+ players are declining to return.

Two time Olympic medalist, Kendall Coyne Schofield, said the following of the decision:

“The treatment of the players, the way the players are compensated, it’s not possible for women to train and prepare to be professional athletes...and in the current state of the game, there’s nothing professional about it.”

Low pay and lack of health insurance are noted as the main reasons that the players are boycotting the NWHL. A desire for an official, women's league ran by the NHL is another one of the hopes for the players.

I am unsure of how this will all turn out nor what will happen with the NWHL, but I support the players and wish them success in this protest.

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