ONE Championship Weekly 05/08/19 Review

1.Muay Thai Flyweight Title:Sam-A(c) vs Haggerty ***3/4
2.Okami vs Abbasov **3/4
The first two fights are from For Honor, which I reviewed here. The title bout was great! You can skip the second one if you want, but it is pretty short since they jumped in during the second round for the episode. Note that the ratings for the first two here are copied and pasted from the full event post.

They built toward Warriors of Light for the rest of the episode. The Nong-O segment was well done. I did skip the first portion of this installment seeing as it was just material I had seen a few days ago, but these are always a breeze to watch and this featured some quality work so go ahead check it out if you have a moment.

Overall Rating: 80/100%

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