Select Match Reviews: Champion Carnival Roundup

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Matches from All Japan Champion Carnival 2019
Night 1
1.Okabayashi vs Shuji ****1/4

Night 8
2.Kento vs Shuji ****

Night 16
3.Kento vs Okabayashi ****1/2

Night 17
4.Nomura vs Suwama ****1/4

Night 18
5.Finals: Jake Lee vs Kento ****1/2

This year's Champion Carnival was stacked with good looking matches, but I narrowed it down to five contests so that I could actually catch as much of the tournament as possible without this taking up too much time and causing set backs elsewhere.

In short, these are all worth watching, with two being MOTYC clashes. All Japan has been one of the best promotions in the world for a while now, hitting levels last seen during their epic era. I strongly encourage checking all of these out and, if you have more time than I do, watch more from the tournament as well.

Oh, and all hail, Kento!

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