MCU Phase 4 Release Schedule Predictions

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We officially know the planned dates for the next wave of MCU flicks, but no idea what specific movies will fill those dates, so let's take a look at what fits based off of what we know.

-May 1st: Black Widow
-November 6th: The Eternals

-February 12th: Doctor Strange 2
-May 7th: Guardians of the Galaxy 3
-November 5th: Black Panther 2

-February 18th: Shang-Chi
-May 6th: Captain Marvel 2
-July 29th: Avengers 5

This leaves a few big gaps, still. No Spider-Man, Ant-Man, or Deadpool films? Nothing for the new Captain America other than the Disney+ show? And how will they begin to set the blocks for bringing in the mutants and first family?

Either way, these are my predictions based off of the dates given. Let's see which turn out to be accurate.

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