Red's Top Female Wrestlers of 2019

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We've looked at the best overall workers, the best teams, and the best promotions. Now, using a system with ties to my recommendation list, let's take a look at the top women's wrestlers of 2019.

Honorable Mentions: Sareee, Kagetsu, Miyu, Io, Tam

10. Mizuki
She plays her role in TJP well and is able to fit into just about any match and situation and make it better. Hopefully a major singles title is in the future.

9. Satomura
One of joshi's last active legends, Satomura is still working at a rate that'd make you assume she was 20 years younger. Very few are respected as much as Meiko and she is a major part of why Sendai is the #2 joshi promotion. My only fear is what happens next year with the WWE situation looming...

8. Jungle
With the new changes coming in STARDOM, I'm hopeful for more chances for Jungle, who is one always capable of delivering big.

7. Riho
The first ever AEW Women's Champ, Riho, is finally getting her break and it's been pretty entertaining to watch. Once the division starts to gel better, expect her to move up the list.

6. Chihiro
The current and 5x Sendai champ is truly a unique talent. She's still very new to the sport yet continues to grow each time she's out there. Expect another title run from her very soon and scouts to always mention her name for a bigger promotion.

5. Tessa
The best women's wrestler in the states? Right now she is, at least. She is a star on IMPACT, and works hard even on the little indie gigs she gets. She was even gifted a match with the legendary Gail Kim this year and a main event on Slammiversary against Callihan, so make sure you're not sleeping on her even if you don't watch IMPACT these days.

4. Mayu
Ring of Honor wasted her title reign as WOH Champion. At least she is treated decently in STARDOM, where she remains one of their top names. I always look forward to seeing her work and consider her a big part of STARDOM's future until the day she retires.

3. Momo
Make no mistake, Momo Watanabe is the best women's wrestler in the world right now. She dropped the white belt semi-recently to our current #1. She is the ace of STARDOM, the top women's promotion in the world, and the throne is her's to take back whenever she's ready.

I'm sure this one is controversial to some, but DASH is constantly entertaining in whatever roles she is put in and can do hardcore in a way that most men can't even manage. I love her work and she's been used very well in 2019.

1. Hoshiki
Arisa Hoshiki is the current Wonder of STARDOM Champion, and has been one of the absolute best in the world all year regardless of gender. Her moveset gels perfectly in the promotion, and I hope she has a decent first reign lasting at least a few months.

Updated 12/31 COMPLETE

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