CMLL Juicio Final Preview

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Card & Predictions
1.Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr, Rey Cometa vs Disturbio, Kawato, Misterioso Jr
This one is meaningless, and the quality will depend heavily on how much the rudos want to step up. If this turns out to be a good contest, it serves well as a good sign for the rest of the show. If they phone it in...perhaps, not. I have the tecnicos winning in three.

2.Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Soberano vs Mephisto, Ephesto, Luciferno
Now, this one might not mean anything either but it has a lot of potential to be a fun little throwaway trios match. The Chavez brothers have really stepped it up since they lost their masks and Soberano is one of the best roster members that CMLL has. Mix in Mephisto and his two decent partners in crime... Don't expect a MOTYC, but this has all of the ingredients to at least have some real energy. I have the Hijos del Infierno winning this one in three.

3.Career vs Career: Metalico vs Virus
I'm glad a match like this isn't being wasted on a Sunday show like they originally teased. Virus is still one of the best of the best when he wants to be and Metalico can be decent at times. The fact that it's a one fall apuesta is very interesting, since CMLL rarely breaks from the norm. Heck, having seven matches instead of six is strange enough. Virus will win a technical based contest and Metalico won't stay retired for long.

4.Hair vs Hair: Amapola vs Kaho
The women's division in CMLL has been very bad since Zeuxis and Maravilla left, with very little signs of life to be found and nearly every match becoming a bathroom break situation. Honestly, that's beyond depressing, but that's the situation we're in right now. So, can Kaho and Amapola step the fuck up and give us something worth actually caring about? I have no idea, but I have Kaho winning in three before leaving back to Japan.

5.CMLL Tag Titles: Valiente, Diamante Azul(c) vs Gran Guerrero, Euforia
This one is arguably the best looking match on the card. Gran Guerrero and Euforia are a great tandem and the champs are decent (Valiente is easily the better of the two). Expect Valiente to carry the load and make this the MOTN. Sadly, I don't see a title change here, though. While the Guerreros are the much better team, CMLL love Diamante way too much to have him drop gold right now. The champs retain in three.

6.Caristico, Mistico, Volador jr vs Negro Casas, Cavernario, Mr. Niebla
Another throwaway match, but a good looking one. The Sky Team is basically back together with Caristico filling in for Valiente and La Peste Negra will more than do their part, helping make this a fun filler match. I expect a 2 fall sprint with Niebla hopefully staying largely in a background role.

7.Hair vs Hair: Ultimo Guerrero vs Mascara Ano 2000
This will not be very good, if I'm being honest. It's a few years too late for that. No, it'll likely be a two star main event, but CMLL really loves booking lucha legends like this because it'll draw regardless of the match quality scaring off casuals. Ultimo will at least be good here, and will win this in three. 

Last Thoughts:
CMLL have revived Juicio Final, promising to start having "big" shows much more often. While this card is pretty iffy, there are a few matches that have potential. Actually, if everyone shows up and works their asses of, nothing here should be outright bad. 

Tune in tonight at 9:30 PM Eastern if the show looks like something you want to check out, or just wait for my recommended matches list.

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