Amon Amarth: Berserker Review

I began introducing my daughter to Norse myths this week. In related news, Amon Amarth has a new album and all vikings are celebrating.

This is 45 minutes of pure, intense metal done at a very high level. The vocal delivery from Johan Hegg is some of his best ever, with every line being delivered to near perfection. Add in quality performances by the rest of the band and a nice production job by Jay Ruston and you have a true force of a release.

My biggest issue is that the run-time actually worked against it a bit here and about 10 minutes shaved off would have done wonders for the overall effect. Outside of that, this is another very good CD that will make your blood boil and your heart race as you strike down your enemies with a burning sword powered by the Allfather's grace.

Berserker is a worthy addition to the Amon Amarth catalog, so give it a chance when you can.

Rating: ***1/2

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