ONE: For Honor Review

1.Jumayi vs Dae Hwan **1/2
2.Thanh Le vs Saadulaev **3/4
3.Gaol vs Nou ***
4.Muay Thai: Hardcastle vs Jitmuangnon **1/4
5.Marat vs Yamada ***
6.Okami vs Abbasov **3/4
7.Muay Thai Flyweight Title:Sam-A(c) vs Haggerty ***3/4

I actually wanted to watch this much sooner but Bleacher Report messed up and took days to fix an error in the replay feature. I'm glad it was fixed, at least. I'll be trying to watch as much ONE as possible as the year moves along. I used to watch it pretty often, but life caught up with me. No promises, but I will be trying to watch the weekly show most of the time and these specials when they catch my eye. Sometimes, it'll be select fights like how I do the wrestling events.

Anyway, the main card here was basically a variety bag with nothing really being must-see, but everything had entertainment value of some form. The exception is the main event, which was a great showcase of muay thai action. Haggerty came off as a star, and walked away with the belt.

If you are seeking 30 minutes of entertainment, hit play on the main event but you can go ahead and skip the rest if you want.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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