Lucha Memes Chairo Kingdom Review

1.Kamikazes del Aire vs Hijo de Dr Polux, Murcielago Plateada vs Multifacetico, Prayer ***
2.Hijo de Canus Lupus vs Dragon Bane ***3/4
3.Virus vs Flamita ***
4.Super Crazy vs Aeroboy **1/2
5.Aramis vs Negro Casas ***1/4
6.Arez vs Marvin ****
7.Apuesta: Demus vs Gato Ecatepec **1/2

Stupid name or not, Lucha Memes is one of the best indie lucha feds out there and this card looked pretty decent and I've had a few drinks so let's dig in to the whole thing this time around.

The card was largely good, but it was not without disappointment. The third match was nowhere near what I was expecting, Aeroboy was wasted by not only working with Super Crazy in 2019 but also taking the fall, and the main event just wasn't to the level you'd expect from an apuesta.

Gato is Javier Rodriguez Cruz, and has apparently been working for 17 years in the business.

On a more positive note, the brothers clash in the two spot was freaking great, Aramis and Casas had a fairly good match with the ubertalented standout actually getting the win over the legend, and Ricky Marvin and Arez had a fantastic battle. Basically, it was a beauty and the beast show, actually.

Don't skip the show entirely, but don't watch anything rated too low, either.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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