Select Match Reviews: Up to the Flames

Match from Crockett Cup 2019
1.NWA Heavyweight Title: Aldis(c) vs Scurll ****1/4

The rebirth of NWA has been pretty interesting, and I certainly haven't been ignoring what they've been doing. While embracing the new school a bit but retaining a strong influence of classic NWA, the NWA have been producing one of the biggest stories in the game and, since Corgan took the helm, the ten pounds has become relevant in a way that I didn't think we'd ever see again.

If you enjoy old school wrestling, this is for you. The blood added perfectly to this one and they both produced a hard worked title match full of drama that I hope you consider checking out! Fantastic stuff. In fact, the above video highlight reel and some reviews I've seen make the whole show look decent, so maybe consider watching it all if you have the time and interest.

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