IIHF World Championship Preview

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Do you love hockey so much that the NHL Playoffs aren't enough? Or are you not watching because your team was eliminated? Hell, my team was so bad this year that they didn't even come close to making it in so maybe you're in that category. If any of this applies to you, consider tuning into the World Championships that start this Friday, and feature 8 countries competing in solid hockey action.

The International Ice Hockey Federation might not have much influence or prestige to American fans, where the NHL is king, but they are the governing body that does bring us some fun competitions and that's enough for me to give them a shout out. Let's take a look at this year's lineup...

GROUP A                              
United States
Great Britain

Czech Republic

The competition will run until the 26th of May. Each team will play one game against their group, and the top four per group will move on to the knockout stage. The bottom two teams will be relegated to the lower competition, known as Division 1.

You can expect the Canada vs United States game to be the must-see group encounter, as both are set to be favorites of the overall tournament. This will take place on the 21st.

I expect the playoffs to feature Canada, United States, Finland, and Denmark from Group A and Sweden, Russia, Switzerland, and Austria on the B side.

The event is taking place in Slovakia, and I am sure that diehard hockey fans will find something to enjoy.

Go here for a detailed schedule of how to watch each game.

Check out the IIHF YouTube channel and be prepared for three weeks of solid hockey.