Being the Elite #150 Thoughts

The latest edition of BTE is here as we head toward Double or Nothing, and it was packed with info and humor like every episode before it.

Sammy continues to be hated everywhere he goes and Joey can't get the Candice monkey off of his back.

Sadly, I couldn't make out who Kenny and Cody were watching in that clip, and I didn't get to watch much of Kenny's early Japan run so I'd love to know who that was. Maybe Riho?

Matt and Nick tease a new move. I am moderately interested in that. With the Best Friends demanding a spot on the main card, you have to wonder if they'll be the first targets of the move. We'll see, but I still think Matt is going to turn on Nick sooner than later.

We also had some more build toward Jericho/Omega and Page/PAC, which were both well done. I love how they have been doing random show appearances for the big names of AEW, and the Page storyline has been entertaining if nothing else.

Perhaps the best news is that Bryce Remsburg will be one of the AEW refs. Dude deserves all the love in the world.

Go ahead and check out this week's release. I won't be "reviewing" these or anything, but I will be trying to post my general thoughts and a semi-summary of sorts going forward if they seem popular enough.

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