Select Match Reviews: Assassins in Spain

Match from Triple W Total Rumble 9
1.A-Kid vs Ospreay ****1/4

Last year, A-Kid instantly became on of my favorites due to his classic with Sabre. I have found myself seeking out anything involving him since, so this was an easy pull.

Real quick, but just a heads up that the only full shows I'll be watching from Mania Week are TakeOver, G1 Supercard, and Mercury Rising. The rest will be in select match formats. I am in the middle of a move so they be posted whenever I actually have time to watch.

Now, back to the match.

First off, the crowd was pretty fun once again. I love the environment White Wolf has created.

The match itself was a highlight reel from both men, trading spot for spot until the final moments. A-Kid really is becoming one of the best all-around workers in the world and I hope more people start to recognize it.

The technical and aerial displays here were excellent as expected, and really it was just a fantastic contest. Check this one out!

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