AntropomorphiA: Merciless Savagery Review

Merciless Savagery might be a pretty bad album name, but it's a fair one for AntropomorphiA's newest release. Seemingly fueled by venom, this wall of sound is perfect for a night on the rampage across a winter landscape.

Behemoth is a noticeable influence here, which does create the biggest issue. Because of the similarities, comparisons will be made and this album just doesn't come close to the majesty of a Behemoth release. Past that, they hit a lot of the important notes for good death metal yet miss some of the more subtle aspects that separate soldiers from kings.

On the positive note, the musicianship is solid and tight throughout and the production values are pretty high. This really is a pretty good CD, I just can't help thinking it could have been much better.

Rating: ***1/2

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