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Match from Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory #1
1.Starr vs Tanaka ***

When Beyond announced a new series, I'll admit I was intrigued. They are kind of like the PWG of the East coast, but I sadly never got into them as much as I did the former. Funny enough, I pitched this idea to them a few years ago but they declined at the time. I'm glad they saw the light eventually, even if I am not assisting.

The first main event for the new show is an eye-catcher to say the least. This was never going to be a MOTYC, but it sure was fun for what it was.

If you want like the idea of seeing Masato and Starr in a singles match, check this out. It was good, even if it wasn't really recommendable levels. If you don't have a nostalgic loyalty to Tanaka, you can likely skip this.

Still, I wish Beyond the very best and I encourage you to give them some love.