MLW Battle Riot II Review

1.MLW Middleweight Title: Hart(c) vs Ace **1/2
2.Reed vs Tanaka **1/4
3.MLW Heavyweight Title, Street Fight: Lawlor(c) vs Havoc ***
4.Battle Riot **3/4

Sadly, I decided to take a break from MLW. Not a full one, but I won't be watching each weekly episode for a while. Instead, I'll just watch select matches like I do most things. The quality had just been so inconsistent, and I have too much going on. That said, special episodes like these will still get my full attention most of the time.

Perhaps they shouldn't?

The opener was ok, but a bit too loose and there wasn't really enough to grab on to. The follow up had the same issue, which sucked because Minoru Tanaka deserved better. At least he had some fun moments later. The best match of the first hour was actually the street fight, but even that wasn't really good enough to fully recommend.

The second hour was made up of this year's battle riot. I'll say straight up that I don't love battle royals. They can be fun, but I've never seen one I truly loved. Lucha Underground did them better than basically anyone, but they're a dead promotion now. That theme of averageness wasn't broke here, meaning that there is actually nothing on this show that I liked enough to recommend it. I am sure people who like these types of matches more than I do enjoyed this more, though.

Park winning was really the sole highlight of the night for me. Just know that he won  and that Lawlor was attacked by Contra to end the episode and then go ahead and skip this one.

Overall Rating: 55/100%

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